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Photo of Milt Steward

Milt Steward - Director of Sales and Logistics

Milt has been with us since 1994 when he started as a dispatcher. It wasn’t long until we noticed how much he enjoyed meeting with our customers face-to-face. Our customers enjoyed it too!

“That’s the best part of my job. I love meeting our customers and seeing their operations. I’m very proud of the fact that many of the accounts I originally spoke with are still part of the Keim TS customer family,” Milt says.

Milt studied Transportation Business at De Anza College, in Cupertino, CA, and served as Traffic Manager with Abitibi-Price Corporation Flair Food Plant in Hiawatha, KS before joining the Keim TS team. But Milt’s trucking experience goes back even further. His father was a truck driver and so his love of the trucking industry was instilled at an early age.

He and his wife, Roberta, have been married for 40 years and have a daughter and three sons. Milt would do anything for his family. In fact he has been an organ donor for his eldest son who needed a kidney transplant.

Milt can be reached at 785-284-7774 or through his email at:

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Photo of Butch Lewald

Butch Lehwald - Sales and Logistics

Butch has been in the trucking industry for nearly 20 years. He has been with several companies, but has found a home with Keim for the past 14 years. He recently moved into the Sales Dept. at Keim working with existing customers and finding new ones. Butch enjoys playing and watching sports.

Butch can be reached at (800) 255-2450 ext. 305 or through his email at:

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Photo of Bob McKim

Bob McKim - Director of Recruiting

Bob has been in the trucking industry for over 30 years. He is married and is a father to 4 kids. He loves to spend time with his family and is a joy to talk to. In his spare time he likes to ride his Harley and spend time outdoors.

Bob can be reached at (800) 255-2450 ext. 311 or his cell phone at (785) 285-2154 or through his email at:

Photo of Casey Jameson

Casey Jameson - Career Coach

Casey came to Keim TS in 2013 from the Military. Casey is active in the Safety Dept. and is also one of our Recruiters. Casey has a daughter that keeps her busy and enjoys talking to new recruits as well as our veteran drivers.

Casey can be reached at (785) 285-2153 or through her email at:

Photo of Gary Smith

Gary Smith - Training and Development Team

Gary has been trucking most of his life and the past 25 years have been at Keim. Gary moved into the position of Lead Trainer with our company in 2013.

When he isn’t working with new trainees Gary and his wife, Sharon, enjoy their kids and grandkids. They enjoy sitting on their porch, looking out over the lake.

Gary can be reached at (785) 547-5777 or through his email at:

Photo of Peggy Moore

Peggy Moore - Compliance Director

Peggy started working for Keim TS in 1988 as Safety Director and recruiter.

When not working, Peggy, an animal lover, enjoys working with two groups which are involved in animal rescue and adoption.

She is married with two children, three step-children and two step-grandchildren.

Peggy can be reached at (800) 255-2450 ext. 317 or through her email at:


Photo of Darwin Sturtz

Darwin Sturtz Fort Dodge Terminal Manager

Darwin has been at home with Keim TS for the past 25 years. Darwin is the Terminal Manager at the Fort Dodge, Iowa office and keeps very busy between the office, shop and various loading locations.

Darwin is married to Cindy and they enjoy kids and grandkids. Darwin is very active in Motocross Racing.

Darwin can be reached at (515) 955-5523 or through his email at:

Photo of Shelly Stone

Shelly Stone - Career Coach

Being around the trucking and transportation business is nothing new to Shelly. She grew up around it. Not only did her father have a 40-plus year career in transportation, but she married into a trucking business owned and operated by her husband.

And Shelly herself has over 24 years in the industry.

She also has a 16 year old son, 2 step children and 3 grand kids.

“My father always said you do not need a text book to learn a new skill. Just watch and learn,” Shelly says. These are words she now lives by as our Recruiter in Iowa.

Shelly can be reached at (515) 955-5523 or through her email at:


Photo of Chuck Bills

Chuck Bills - Career Coach

Chuck started at Keim TS in 1995 in an entry level position and worked his way up through the ranks. That journey helped him understand what is involved with every step of the transportation process from load securement to managing Keim’s customers.

Today, as the regional manager for the Kansas City, Missouri area, his duties include finding new customers, managing existing accounts, coordinating trucks, dispatching a local fleet, and recruiting new drivers to the Keim TS team. Through his hands on education, he is well versed in how to keep his employees and customers satisfied.

Chuck can be reached at (800) 247-3753 or through his email at:


Photo of Ron Heyde

Ron Heyde - Training and Development Team

Ron has been in the trucking industry for 25 years and has worked for Keim TS since 2013. In his time off, Ron enjoys watching monster trucks and tractor pulls.
Ron can be reached at (785) 285-2157 or through his email at:

Photo of Ruth Shaver

Ruth Shaver - Human Resources Director

Ruth has been employed with Keim TS since 1990 and says the best part of her job is helping employees any way she can. She comes from a family of truckers – her grandfather, father and husband have all been involved in the trucking industry -- so she can relate what truckers’ wives and families go through when someone is on the road.

When not working she enjoys helping stray and unwanted animals find homes and is currently involved with a group that is trying to build a local animal shelter.

Ruth and her husband have four grown children and grandchildren.

Ruth can be reached at (800) 255-2450 ext. 329 or through her email at:

Photo of Sabetha Office Team

"I am home every weekend I want to be.

I am driving new equipment,

& making great money."

Tim Greene
10 years at Keim TS


"They offer newer

equipment, good pay,

and a family-oriented


Fred Wessel
32 years at Keim TS


"It's a family environment

with good pay, nice

equipment & great

home time."

Joe Baughman
7 years at Keim TS


"If you want more money,

home time, and good

equipment, Keim TS is

the place."

Michael Perry
15 years at Keim TS


"Small town company with

a family atmosphere.

Great pay & home time."

Robert Stohs
8 years at Keim TS


"Good equipment. Good

home time. If you work

for them, they will

work for you."

Ron Hirsch
8 years at Keim TS


"If you want more money,

more time at home,

Keim TS is the place."

Anson Frye
11 years at Keim TS


"The whole company is

welcoming & easy.

You feel valued."

AJ Young
3 years at Keim TS


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