Other Jobs (Non-Driving Jobs)

We offer some of the most competitive, and family-oriented, benefits in the industry paired with a friendly and casual atmosphere. Our employees enjoy weekly pay, direct deposit, great benefits at an affordable cost, as well as our flex programs. In addition, our flexible benefits package is built to meet your needs, allowing you to choose between traditional and high-deductible health plans and also opt-in for additional life insurance through easy payroll deductions.


We are currently hiring for the following jobs:


Diesel Mechanic/Shop Help/Shag driver - Fort Dodge, IA

mechanic / shop help - Fort Dodge, IA

wash bay / shop help - Fort Dodge, IA

Fleet Technology Director - Sabetha, KS


And, we are always looking for drivers. Learn more about driving jobs.

"If you want more money,

more time at home,

Keim TS is the place."

Anson Frye
11 years at Keim TS


"Good equipment. Good

home time. If you work

for them, they will

work for you."

Ron Hirsch
8 years at Keim TS


"If you want more money,

home time, and good

equipment, Keim TS is

the place."

Michael Perry
15 years at Keim TS


"I am home every weekend I want to be.

I am driving new equipment,

& making great money."

Tim Greene
10 years at Keim TS


"It's a family environment

with good pay, nice

equipment & great

home time."

Joe Baughman
7 years at Keim TS


"Small town company with

a family atmosphere.

Great pay & home time."

Robert Stohs
8 years at Keim TS


"The whole company is

welcoming & easy.

You feel valued."

AJ Young
3 years at Keim TS


"They offer newer

equipment, good pay,

and a family-oriented


Fred Wessel
32 years at Keim TS


Keim TS
Driver Training

Keim TS offers a paid training program for experienced and inexperienced drivers

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